IZIP E3 Metro

15-IZ-MET-BK fla red color.jpg
15-IZ-MET-BK fla red color.jpg

IZIP E3 Metro


• The high-torque high efficiency 500 watt rear hub motor has more than enough power to haul you and your cargo of choice around at up to 20 mph..

• The integrated battery pack is the evolution of our in-frame battery technology. You won’t think about it when it’s hidden away in the seat tube, but you’ll thank us when you’re carrying it upstairs to charge, instead of the whole bike. 

• The PAS/TAG+ control system combines a throttle and pedal assist sensor to let you choose exactly how you want to cruise.

• The large front porteur rack holds up to 35 pounds and is finished with bamboo for a stylish look and easy load carrying.

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E-System Specs

MOTOR Rear hub 500W, geared high torque

BATTERY Lithium-ion 48V8.7Ah 417Wh

DISPLAY IZIP LCD multi-function display with power adjustment features

SPEED 20 mph / 32 kph motor only

RANGE 25 - 35 Miles / 40 - 56 km with normal pedaling

WEIGHT 60 lbs