IZIP E3 Sumo


IZIP E3 Sumo


• Power through sand or snow as you float on extra-wide tires. This bike redefines the borders of what an eBike can do.

• Gobs of power as you laugh at the weather and contemplate what next ‘barrier’ you’ll overtake that other bikes can’t manage.

• Our 350W center-drive motor is the right tool for the job. Hub motors are great, but centerdrive gives massive amounts of torque, and feels much stronger!

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E-System Specs

MOTOR Centerdrive 350W, high torque

BATTERY Lithium-ion 48V8.7Ah 417Wh

DISPLAY LCD multi-function display with power adjustment features

SPEED 6 mph/ 10 kph using throttle only; 20 mph / 32 kph using full throttle while pedaling in high power pedal assist mode; 28 mph / 45 kph with hard pedaling while pedaling in high power pedal assist mode

RANGE 25 - 35 Miles / 40 - 56 km with normal pedaling

WEIGHT 52 lbs